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This blog has been established in late 2011.

I worked within a customer focused, multi-site environment, maintaining the delivery of IT services and technology projects.

Mainly developing, supporting and maintenance of the enterprise systems,  to ensure maximum availability and performance.

My roles include: Computing Officer, Data Centre manager and Application and Solutions team member.

Dedicated to Information Technology.

Interests: virtualization, system and network security, unix, scripting, football, gaming, techy stuff, gadgets

All started with Atari, Amiga, Comodore64 and Windows 3.11, throughout myearly days… later on in collage I have been supporting web servers and MMORPG gaming servers.

Passion to object oriented programming and scripting. Java, sh, py, php, sql, css, html

If you wish to contribute or anything else please e-mail info@it-googled.com

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